Hello, My Name is

Sukhpreet Singh

Telecom Engineer

About Me

You are visiting a website of an Engineer. Expect the unexpected as things have gone in all directions till now. Yes, I can say, the life is going amazing.

Yes, there is always a story. A story full of struggling days, successful projects, failures and then learning. However, there is no fun in life without these four pillars. If you are still reading, this means you would like to know more about me. So,

Sukhpreet has worked for

What I do

I have carried out different skills at different times However

My favorite is : I am a bit of an Expert in Everything

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I Train

I train Avaya, NICE, CMS, Cisco and various technologies to upcoming engineers and college students.

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I Speak

Giving the best enlightenment and recommendations to Immigrants and newly landed Students in Canada.

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I Design

Something I do just as a hobby but it has really reached that point where I have been working on big projects.

The Three Golden Rules are; to remember God constantly, to earn an honest livelihood, and to share their earnings with everyone through charity.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji